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"Frank runs a very experienced team who have proved invaluable in supporting the growth of gurgle. He is extremely flexible in his working processes, slotting in quickly and easily to various projects and disciplines. He has provided structured but creative advice, and followed it through to successful on-time delivery with detailed analysis and reporting. Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value " by Pettrina Keogh Managing Director at

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Want a London  PPC agency? Pay Per Click Adminstration London? Then look no further. We can bring you affordable PPC management tailored to your exact budget and demands, without the need for any intermediaries or middle men, so for pay per click there is no-one better.


Who are we?

Orchid Box are a fresh-faced and dynamic web company offering a wide range of services including a Pay Per Click Department London. We are based in Covent Garden, London in an exciting central part of the capital and are welcome to any enquiries! Just fill in the contact form below or email us and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

We offer:

  • Intelligent and proactive PPC campaign management
  • Continual Pay Per Click Ads maintenance of your site to its optimum
  • Creation of perfect landing pages that create as many landing pages we need to optimize your campaigns
  • Starting up a website  from scratch? We'll sort the PPC or even implement our intelligent CMS (Content Management System) implementation and upkeep (our CMS can produce thousands of pages for you at a click of a button!)
  • One off Adwords installation, we can train you and get you on the google PPC wagon smoothly
  • Understanding of a wide range of search engine results - Bing, Wolfram Alpha,'s not all about Google anymore!
  • Much, much more!


What is PPC?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is a vital key in helping website owners establish their online businesses by driving more quality traffic for some years now, enabling companies to target the user audience they want with carefully written paid advertising campaigns that can be viewed in search engine results. We are an expert London Pay per Click agency who can manage all your budgets and campaigns for the lowest costs.

By placing paid ads on search engine result pages, business owners are able to target specific audiences online - whether it be geographically (e.g. UK only ads), through keywords (perhaps based around a product) or other categories. You pay only when someone clicks, so the better the ad the better traffic your site should bring.

What does this mean? Well it means if someone from the UK googles "white trainers cheap" or any such generic term, and you are a shoe shop with competitive prices, you can get a head start on your competitors by creating ads that target all the people that search for that exact term from the UK. The beauty of PPC is that it is a facet of digital marketing that is quicker and more direct that other mediums, enabling you to reach thousands if not millions of web users every single day. Pick the right ads and pages and you can go straight to the top of the search engine results - not bad for 10p a click!

You can sky rocket your ROIs (return on investment) with careful managed targets, especially for those in e-commerce, or give your campaigns goals and watch the conversion rates grow and grow.


Phone Conversion Tracking

We are one of the few SEO and PPC agencies to offer landing pages where prospective customers will see different phone numbers based on where they came from and what they searched for. This can then be used to pinpoint effective online campaigns that generate telephone calls.  At the end of the phone call the operator will be asked if the phone call was a successful sale allowing us to track leads and sales against keyword groups and campaigns.
We can track visitors who come from natural search, pay per click advertising, email campaigns and all other forms of online advertising.



 Orchid Box PPC Technology - Tailored to Your Demands!


Orchid Box can help you turn your investments into profit. We will manually handle your PPC campaigns to ensure they reach your goals and targets in the way that you want.

As PPC campaign management can be a nightmare to the untrained hand - a plethora of groups, keywords and statistics to follow and keep track of - we'll keep you updated to our progress and not blind you with statistics and lingo. Orchid Box will maintain your paid campaigns for you, ensuring you reach realistic and impressive targets - whether it be sales, page views or registrations - as quickly as possible. By carefully targeting keywords and specific searchers you can potentially triple your returns or heftily increase your advertising revenue in just a few weeks.

PPC is becoming essential for any sites with ambitions of reaching the high reaches of Google searches, a boost to traffic and key to returns. If you want to find out more about the best UK PPC agency then fill in the contact form to get in touch!